Since 1996, Interseps has been helping businesses to flourish in cyberspace. We pioneered new pathways in e-commerce, as a pilot development partner with PayPal®. We were creating database-driven content management tools when dial-up modems were the norm. Today, we work with Bootstrap, WordPress, Muse, and many other programs to accommodate clients of all sizes, at every level of technical expertise. The links below offer a small sample of projects from our ever-evolving portfolio. Learn more.
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Since 1996, Interseps has been helping businesses to flourish in cyberspace. We pioneered new pathways in e-commerce, as a pilot development partner with PayPal®. We were creating database-driven content management tools when dial-up modems were the norm. Today, we work with Bootstrap, WordPress, Muse, and many other programs to accommodate clients of all sizes, at every level of technical expertise. The links below offer a small sample of projects from our ever-evolving portfolio. Learn more.

Kelley and Company
Specialty wholesaler finds a comfortable ride into cybersales.

The Kelley and Company Website offers tack shops and stores catering to equestrian sports a convenient way to find and order the items their customers demand. The site features a full complement of tools designed to make account management, order processing, and merchandising as simple as possible for a staff that would rather be riding horses than working on a Website. Interseps worked hand-in-hand with the owners to streamline operations, so the databases behind the Website could be seamlessly integrated with business management systems in use at Kelley and Company headquarters.

American Pride Home Inspections
Home inspection business improves its structural integrity.

The American Pride Home Inspections Website is a modern upgrade to a site that had become antiquated. Donald Penny, an ASHI-certified home inspection professional who founded the business, entrusted Interseps to create a Bootstrap-based site that would provide the flexibility and accessibility today's time-pressed home sellers, home buyers, and realtors demand. The site features back-end administrative tools to manage the delivery of inspection reports and to track customer accounts on-line, enhancing the company's ability to respond to customers quickly and accurately.

Maggie Made Dolls
Doll artist displays her wares with a Website befitting her reputation.

Maggie Made Dolls are recognized around the world for the attention to details lavished on each hand-crafted doll. The artist responsible for these uniquely beautiful collectibles, Maggie Iacono, came to Interseps for a Website that would display the same attention to details. We created an e-commerce site that describes the story behind the Iacono mystique, featuring owner-updatable galleries, news, a calendar of events and other tools that put Maggie in control.

Time-MD, Llc.
Watch repair service business utilizes timely Website design.

Time-MD, Llc. specializes in the repair and restoration of high quality watches. The company asked Interseps to create and host a Website that reflects the attention to details, expert workmanship, and fine craftsmanship inherent in the best timepieces. This Bootstrap-enabled site is built to endure the test of time, with beauty and functionality lasting long into the future.

Chesterfield Trading Company
Construction equipment and materials seller erects a sturdy Web portal.

The Chesterfield Trading Company has been a "go to" resource for construction crews throughout Central Virginia since 1972. Interseps built the company's first Website a dozen years ago, and recently completed thorough renovations featuring multiple tools for searching and requesting price quotes on an inventory of nearly 30,000 items. A full-featured administrative toolset allows Chesterfield Trading Company staff to manage inventory, photos, downloadable sales fliers, and other site contents with push-button ease.

Three Chopt Landscaping
Local landscape company flourishes with a Website in full bloom.

Three Chopt Landscaping engaged Interseps to create a Website that would convey the company's commitment to customer satisfaction, with a fresh aesthetic. The site features an attractive gallery of "before" and "after" photos depicting some of the projects undertaken. Because Three Chopt Landscaping is a growing company, the site also features employment application forms -- in both English and Spanish language.

GT Reid Sales
Equestrian catalog hits its stride on-line.

G.T. Reid is a name known by equestrian enthusiasts throughout the Eastern US for its attractive catalog of merchandise and friendly customer service. The on-line version of that catalog is a searchable, administrator-editable, database-driven thoroughbred that provides customers with a convenient and user-friendly way to place orders, and would-be customers with quick turn-around account approvals. Interseps built the initial version of this site more than 15 years ago. Today, it's running strong with a recently updated mobile-first redesign!

Abbaco Insurance
Independent but not alone, insurance offices join forces on the Web.

With agents in Williamsburg, Virginia and Jennings, Louisiana, Abbaco Insurance caters to a geographically dispersed customer base. While each office addresses the needs of its own local clientele, they both offer coverage for the same services, from the same array of providers. This customized, WordPress-based Website provides a cost-effective and visually delightful display of those offerings.

Chadwick Heirlooms
Heirloom sewing store gets a lovely new outfit.

Chadwick Heirlooms offers sewing and quilting hobbyists more than 7000 bolts of fabric, and a multitude of sewing patterns, lace, threads and other supplies from a 9000 sq. ft. showroom. Interseps was contracted to outfit this business with a comprehensive suite of databases, Websites, and interfaces used to manage sales, process orders, create and adjust inventory for the store, as well as its quilting-focused and wholesale affiliates. The result: A custom-tailored fit!

Manhattan Steel Supply
Steel Supply company is erecting a strong brand.

Manhattan Steel Supply provides building contractors in New York and New Jersey with quality metal products and custom finishing services. Their Website features responsive design, to accommodate visitors regardless which type of device they use to access the Internet. A simplified product catalog makes technical specifications available for quick reference, and helps keep site maintenance easy.

National Automotive Finance Association
Finance association takes to the road for member services.

The National Automotive Finance Association is the only trade association exclusively serving the non-prime auto financing industry. They chose Interseps to build a Website that offers interactive tools for member organizations to register and pay for conferences, subscribe to their magazine, keep up with the latest news, and follow legislative trends. This WordPress version of the site is its fourth or fifth iteration.

Belden Training
Industrial networking supplier makes training programs easy to access.

Belden, a leading international manufacturer of switches, cables, connectors, and other industrial networking products, charged Interseps with the task of creating a responsive and database-driven Website for its partners throughout the world to register for Certification Training. This e-commerce site features a list of scheduled training events which is automatically updated by date, and selectable by location.

Air-Pro Mechanical
HVAC company finds a comfortable environment on the Web.

Air-Pro Mechanical is a company whose attention to details and customer service have been central to their position as a leader in heating and air conditioning. When they called on Interseps to create a Website that would convey those qualities, we answered with a site that offers compelling reasons for homeowners and businesses throughout Central Virginia to entrust their comfort to the pros at Air Pro.

Eds Landscape
Building beauty and order from chaos.

Eds Landscaping Nursery and Garden Center is a local company with a growing reputation for attention to details and customer satisfaction in the design of landscapes, hardscapes, and gardens. They wanted a Website that was both beautiful and maleable enough to be updated as the seasons change. So it was only fitting that they contracted with Interseps to create a Website reflective of their goals. This attractive site puts Ed and his staff in control of a dazzling array of dynamic content; from a calendar of events, to a project photo gallery, to a coupon generator, and more!

American Drum
High stepping percussion instrument manufacturer/retailer is marching to a new beat!

American Drum has been setting industry standards in the world of drumstick and mallet design since 1965. When the Internet opened up a new frontier for marketing its popular products, the company chose Interseps to design and host an e-commerce Website reflective of the excitement and spirited nature of the business. This site features a custom-developed content management system and custom-developed order processing.

Lumberg Automation
Electronic supplies manufacturer makes a solid connection with multi-media catalog.

Lumberg USA manufactures the electronic components, wiring, and connectors used in industrial automation. They asked Interseps to create a combination CD / searchable on-line catalog to help ensure that factory engineers around the world have access to the most up-to-date descriptions and technical specifications available. Interseps created the solution that really clicks for this fast-changing product line -- a solution that was awarded "first place" in the 2002 PIVA awards. This Website includes a full suite of tools including a product configurator, searchable catalogs, item ordering, certification testing, lead tracking services, and much more.

The Toyshoppe
Collectibles business opens a new chapter in its long story of E-commerce.

Once upon a time (in the late '90s), The Toyshoppe opened for business on the Internet. They chose Interseps to create a Website that would convey the endearing quality of their wares, while also providing an efficient, easily updated inventory and order processing system. Twenty years -- and many thousands of satisfied customers -- later, the story endures. The latest version of Website is a customized implementation of osCommerce, an open source e-commerce solution.